La importancia de la comunicación no verbal

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A Simple Technique You Can (and Should) Apply To Your eLearning Courses

It’s easy for an eLearner to “zone out” when faced with complex course content, especially with limited existing knowledge of a topic. The instructional design challenge is how to explain complex content easily. Start by considering some premises fundamental to eLearning design.”

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Barriers to blended digital distance vocational learning for non-traditional students - Open Research Online

This research identifies and examines the challenges of blending digital distance and vocational learning for non-traditional and low-socio-economic status students who are new to university education. A survey of students in vocational primary education and early years qualifications in a distance university is illuminated by interviews with individual students and video diaries recorded by them during module study. Barriers to study include where and when to go online, finding support for digital study, navigating virtual learning environments and knowing what is relevant, variable or no technologies in the workplace, making connections between workplace technologies and ICT for study, and storing and organising digital information. As university education goes increasingly online, the research aims to improve institutional awareness and provision for widening participation. The research findings suggest practical changes to ameliorate experiences of digital distance vocational learning and by these means to improve student retention, progression and completion.

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7 Tips To Create an Attention-Grabbing eLearning Course Introduction - e-Learning Feeds

How To Create an Attention-Grabbing eLearning Course Introduction Integrating multimedia elements, creating informative content, and ensuring ease of navigation are all high on the list …

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Análisis del contenido científico de la publicidad en la prensa escrita
7 STEM apps designed by students | eSchool News | eSchool News

Students from across the United States met with congressional leaders and the Obama administration to show STEM apps they’ve developed.

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Essay about importance of mentors to college students @insidehighered
Más allá de la Flipped Classroom: “dar la vuelta a la clase” con materiales creados por los alumnos
Primero pedagogía, después tecnología

“Estos días se está celebrando en Madrid la feria SIMOEducación, la feria de tecnología para educación más importante de España. La cantidad de propuestas que puedes encontrar es inabarcable.”

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The 21 Best Resources for 2014 to Prevent Cyberbullying | Edudemic

According to the Cyberbullying Research Center, more than half of teens and adolescents have reported that they’ve been bullied online, and between 10 and 20 percent say it occurs regularly. As a slew of recent news stories have demonstrated, the consequences can be devastating. A recent study conducted by the Center found that 20% of respondents …

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